By 1982 the fellowship had grown from 14 people to around 400 and two new congregations were being planted. Since then, other congregations have been established right across London and Kent, and many other churches in the UK and Europe are linked to the movement. Ichthus also has a thriving overseas missions movement with people working in many nations, with a special focus on the least evangelised nations of the world. 

There are many ways to get involved in Ichthus life through conferences, the prayer community (which meets three times a week in Forest Hill), evangelism, the monthly Bible School and altogether celebrations which take place each month in Forest Hill. Ichthus also organises Revive, a yearly summer camp at Ashburnham Place in East Sussex, where more than a thousand people from across the world gather to worship and hear from God. 

For more details have a look at the Ichthus website. You can read more about the church’s vision and values there too.